About Me

Self-directed and driven cloud computing professional with a passion for infrastructure and automation.

With an Honours degree in Computer Science from Rhodes University, over 5 years of experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other technologies related to cloud computing, as well as working the banking and consultancy sectors, I have gained insights into the nuances and technical structure of various designs, architectures, and developments of infrastructure, making a significant contribution in each. Engaging with internal and external customers has allowed me to successfully assist them in launching production-ready systems by making use of one of the leading cloud computing platforms.

The values I work and live by are acting with integrity and honour in everything that I do, leading with heart, and treating every person with respect and dignity. Instilling a sense of pride in the organisation across all stakeholders is something that I live and breathe every day. I believe that these values provide the ideal platform for high levels of innovation, curiosity, and performance.

Also a big fan of coffee :)